We would like to inform you that from 12/06/2023 the company UAB "TruckPark" becomes a BTA insurance broker. From 12/06/2023, we will be able to provide all insurance services: vehicles, real estate, life insurance and others.



From 01/05/2023 all vehicles leaving UAB "TruckPark" waiting area (terminal) and going to the Republic of Belarus must enter the Raigardas control point within 2 hours of leaving area. Vehicles that do not enter the Raigardas border control point within 2 hours will have to return to the UAB "TruckPark" waiting area (terminal) and stand in line again.

This procedure is provided for in the rules of the queue management information system of the Directorate of Border Control Points under the Military of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania.



From 04/17/2023 vehicles leaving UAB "TruckPark" waiting area (terminal) and going not in the Raigardas road post, lose their place in the queue. Returned vehicles are newly placed at the end of the queue.



From 04/17/2023 a hitching fee of 30€ will be applied for semi-trailers/trailers in the waiting area (terminal) of UAB "TruckPark".


Attention for those who going in Belarus

Large queues of cargo vehicles bound for the Republic of Belarus have formed in front of the Medininkai and Šalčininkai border checkpoint. We suggest choosing the Raigardas border control point, where the waiting time is significantly shorter than at other points with the Republic of Belarus.


Customs broker services

The company UAB "TruckPark" starts providing customs broker services from 12/12/2022 :

  • Import/Eksport,

  • Eksport manifest,

  • Customs temporary storage warehouse services,

  • Loading/unloading of goods.


Attention for those who passing through the Raigardas border checkpoint

In order to ensure the smooth entry of cargo vehicles to the Raigardas border control point from October 12, 2022 all cargo vehicles are directed to the UAB "TruckPark" waiting area. Lines of vehicles are forming on the lot. In front of this post, all freight vehicles must line up and wait until there are free spaces in the waiting area, and the security company's on-duty employee will instruct them to go to the waiting area. Vehicles that do not follow the established order will be turned around and returned to the back of the queue.