Insurance services.

We are BTA insurance brokers and can provide all insurance services.

- lawyers' civil liability insurance,

- personal insurance (natural and legal persons),

- auditors' professional liability insurance,

-general liability insurance,

- insurance of general civil liability specific products,

- insurance of CMR carriers,

- compulsory insurance of civil liability of insurance intermediaries,

- financial risk insurance,

- railway rolling stock insurance,

- residents' property insurance,

- animal insurance,

- Kasko insurance,

- travel insurance,

- ship insurance,

- CAPD of insolvency administrators,

- border insurance,

- crop insurance,

- aircraft insurance,

- specialized equipment insurance,

- structural designer's insurance,

- insurance of the building construction technical supervisor,

- construction insurance,

- Health Insurance,

- legal expenses insurance,

- vehicle liability insurance,

- CAD of property and business appraisers,

- cargo insurance,

- corporate property insurance.

muitinės tarpininkai
muitinės tarpininkai

Parking lot for freight transport

We invite you to use the parking lot for freight transport, located at the Raigardas border post near Druskininkai.


  • Clearance of customs documents,

  • Security (the territory is monitored by video cameras),

  • Convenience (next to the border customs post),

  • Cafeteria,

  • WC and showers,

  • Laundry,

  • Free Wi-Fi

stovėjimo aikštelė
stovėjimo aikštelė

Customs documents

We will prepare all types of customs documents and formalize the necessary customs procedures for Lithuanian customs :

  • T1 (transit declaration when transporting goods from third countries to the EU),

  • Guarantees for the T1 transit procedure,

  • Import

  • Eksport

  • BDK

  • Eksport manifest

  • TIR Carnet

  • CMR

  • Temporary entry/exit for processing

  • Consulting on customs procedures

  • Representation during customs clearance.

muitinės tarpininkai
muitinės tarpininkai

Transport services

Local and international transportation - we will take care of safe and prompt delivery of your cargo on local routes or to any European country. We also deliver to third countries of the world, such as Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan. We transport full and partial loads.

Storage of goods

We invite you to use the temporary goods storage service.

Long-term and short-term storage of items in our warehouse.

prekių saugojimas
prekių saugojimas

Cafeteria/ food and other goods

We offer:

  • Lunch of the day,

  • Hot sandwiches, hot dogs

  • Drinks (coffee, tea, soft drinks),

  • Various snacks,

  • Goods for cars.