1. Vehicle parking lot is PRIVATE TERRITORY.

  2. These rules regulate teh parking of vehicles ond oblige all persons (vehicle managers and owners) parking vehicles in the parking lot to comply with the established rules and procedures. Vehicle managers and owners parking vehicles in the parking lot are deemed to be familiar with these rules and undertake to comply with them. Drivers and owners not following the rules agree that they may be penalized for non-compliance.

  3. Parking of vehicles in the parking lot and/or in a separately designated area is paid according to the daily rate, which is published at the entrance to the parking lot. It is mandatory to pay for the provided vehicle parking services before leaving the parking lot. Vehicle parking is available 24 hours a day.

  4. After parking the vehicle and taking into account the duration of its parking, the payment must be made at the automatic cash register.

  5. Vehicle managers and owners themselves are responsible for the safety of the vehicles parked in the parking lot, the safety of the cargo, and the safety of persons. The manager of the parking lot is not materially responsible for the storage and/or safety of vehicles parked in the parking lot and/or damage caused to these vehicles, loads, drivers or other persons, including the actions of third parties.

  6. After paying the fixed fee for vehicle parking, a payment receipt is issued at the cash desk.

  7. If it is impossible to determine the fact of payment for the provided vehicle parking services, it is considered that the rules of the parking lot have been violated. The owner (manager) of the vehicle, by parking the vehicle in the parking lot, confirms that in case of violation of the parking lot rules, he agrees to pay for the services actually provided to him (time of using the parking lot).

  8. Owners (managers) of vehicles who do not agree with the recorded fact of violation of parking rules can contact the manager of the parking lot at phone no. +370658 22 663 or e-mail

  9. Only registered and technically in good condition vehicles are allowed to park in the parking lot (doesn't leak oil, doesn't scratch the surface of the parking lot, etc.). In case of violation of this point, vehicle managers and owners directly assume full responsibility and the penalties assigned to them for all state institutions of the Republic of Lithuania.

  10. It is prohibited to leave a vehicle parked in the parking lot in such a way as to make entry/exit to/from the parking lot difficult, to block the access of special vehicles to garbage containers, and to park other vehicles or to create any obstacles to entering or leaving the parking place for vehicles.

  11. It is prohibited to litter, consume alcoholic beverages, make noise or disturb other persons, as well as damage, dismantle or otherwise change all equipment, devices installed in the territory of the parking lot, repair, wash vehicles, etc.

  12. Without the prior written consent of the parking lot manager, it is forbidden to leave a vehicle advertising goods or services in various forms or ways on the parking lot.

  13. Heavy vehicles, gas carriers, vehicles transporting chemical and/or explosive materials, vehicles damaged during a traffic accident can only be left for parking in a separate place designated by the parking lot manager, after receiving the prior permission/consent of the parking lot manager for parking such vehicles.

  14. Vehicles intending to cross the state border are automatically registered and placed in the queue of freight vehicles waiting to cross the state border when entering the parking lot "Queue management information systems" Vehicles transporting perishable and dangerous goods from the parking lot crossing the state border, are registered in a separate line and one tractor unit (2+1) is released from the lot together with other vehicles standing in line;

    14.1. At the entrance to the lot, a QR code is issued to the vehicle, which indicates the serial number of the vehicle and the car's state registration number, as well as the lot registration number (from 0 to 600). The driver is recommended to tune in to channel 9 of the radio station, which is used by the security personnel in the lot area. communication with truck drivers;

    14.2. Drivers of vehicles transporting perishable, dangerous goods, AEO carriers, must submit documents proving this to the security guard;

    14.3. Vehicles to cross the state border are released three at a time from the waiting area or according to the need specified by the State Border Guard Service and Customs officials;

    14.4. Drivers of vehicles are called to go to the Raigard border control point via radio communication and when the car's serial number appears on the light boards in the area of ​​the parking lot near the entrance, hanging on the customs warehouse and on the monitor in the cafe;

    14.5. When the queue number lights up, the driver must pay for parking in the parking lot and other services provided within half an hour and leave for Raigard PKP. If the driver does not leave within the set period, the car is automatically placed at the end of the queue;

    14.6. If for any reason the driver cannot leave when it is his turn, he must inform the security guard in advance;

    14.7. When the car leaves the parking lot, it must be returned within 2 hours. to go to the Raigard PKP, if he does not do so, his QR code expires and it is read that the driver refused to cross the state border, therefore, in order to continue his journey across the state border, he must stand in line again to cross the state border.

  15. The entire territory of the parking lot is monitored by video surveillance cameras.

  16. In all cases, the driver or owner of the vehicle is responsible for non-compliance with the above-mentioned requirements, and also assumes full responsibility for non-compliance with the Republic of Lithuania.


UAB "TruckPark"

Rules for using the vehicle parking lot